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What is The Difference between TouchBistro and Revel iPad POS System

Read this article and find a full comparison between TouchBistro and Revel iPad POS system! Discover the differences and determine which solution is better for your business!

Are you looking for the right Point of Sale solution for your retail store? When it comes to choosing a POS solution, the users are usually concerned about the implementation cost, vendor reliability, features, pros and cons, user reviews, and etc.

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  • Vendor Comparison: TouchBistro is a new, revolutionary, and complete mobile POS solution on the iPad for the restaurant industry. You can view the menu, manage reservations, take orders, check sales reports, and etc. There is no need for servers to move between terminals and customers for order management, instead, the servers can remain with customers for quickly submitting orders to the kitchen. The new entry system significantly reduces errors and boost efficiency. The menu items can be presented in colors with important details captured. The menus can be easily and quickly updates and published to the web. The Revel Systems, on the other side, offers a host of reports that are accessible from anywhere. Whether you are at the market, in the storeroom or at home with your laptop, you can easily track any location and grant access to your accountants, managers, and other professionals for extra convenience.
  • Pricing Comparison: Understanding the exact cost of retail Point of Sale software systems is not easy as the total cost includes the subscription fees, the software license, the software training cost, required hardware, customization cost, and the cost of support and maintenance, and other related services. It is important that you take into consideration all of these costs to understand the total cost of implementation and ownership. TouchBistro price begins from $69 per license while Revel iPad POS price is $100 per license.

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  • Functionality & Features: As with any business solution, it is essential to consider the functionality and the features. The system should support the process, the reports, workflows, and all needs that are essential to your team. When we’ve compared TouchBistro and Revel iPad POS system we’ve discovered that Revel is equipped with better features. Some of the features included are credit card processing, barcode scanning, customer management, coupons, discounts, and etc.
  • Cloud/Mobile Friendly: The reality is that we live in a mobile era and as a buyer looking for a solution for your business, you should know that mobile applications make people more effective and productive and allow people to interact with the rest of the business in the exact same way they chat, search, email, and shop in their private lives. TouchBistro can be used as Cloud, Standalone, SaaS, On Premise and Revel iPad POS software can be used as a Cloud, Standalone, and SaaS.
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So, which software is better? Which solution is better for your retail store? TouchBistro or Revel iPad Point of Sale system? As always in such comparisons, the question is not – which software or solution is better but which solution is right for your business, for your needs, and for your budget. The truth is that neither of these systems is better than the other. Both offers industry-leading features and the ability to create a unique solution with elective modules.

In order to decide which option is better for your retail store, you need to first determine your needs, budget, and requirements, consider the pros and cons of both systems, compare the price, and then decide which retail Point of Sale system solution is right for you!


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