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How Do You Use a Swipe Card Reader for Point of Sale Transactions

The majority of small business owners operate traditional retail business whereby they sell their goods and services in person. If you are one of them, it is good to consider using your store’s point of sale feature when processing transaction since it is the best alternative. Point of Sale is a feature that lets business owners to accept a wide range of payment methods such as cash, checks, or credit and debit cards.

For you to effectively process point of sale credit card transactions, you must have a compatible Swipe Card Reader that is also called a swiper.

Buying the swipe reader

The initial step when it comes to setting up a card swipe system is to know what type of card reader hardware you need to buy. When deciding what hardware to purchase, make sure that your device meets the following requirements if you want to swipe users in real time.

The device must provide keyboard emulation

Knowing if a device has keyboard emulation is easy. Connect the device to a computer and open any application like Notepad that allows you to edit and then swipe or scan the card identification. Note that a device that works through keyboard emulation will display the card information in the text editor. Even though HID-based devices might work and behave as explained above, they always need extra software or drivers to be installed on the computer where the device is linked.

The device must insert carriage returns like the enter key after every swipe or scan

While some gadgets might not insert carriage returns by default, they can be configured to do so. For this reason, you need to get more information from the device hardware vendor.

No encryption

The device you choose must not encrypt card data since this function is reserved for gadgets that process credit card data.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the swiper has the capabilities to read tracks 1 and 2 on standard credit and debit cards. It must use a USB interface in keyboard emulation mode, and your model must be compatible with keyboard emulation mode.

How to set up the swipe card reader

When it comes to setting the swipe card reader, use the USB cable that it comes with and connect it to your computer. Note that the device must be detected automatically and you don’t need any drivers. When the device is ready for use, the green or red status light will show a signal.

How to use the swipe card reader

When using the swipe card reader

  • Go to orders and then point of sale to be redirected to the point of sale interface on your storefront
  • On the method of payment, click on the menu and choose a credit card
  • In the security code area, key in CVV2 number that is available on the back of the card
  • Drag your cursor in the Use This Field for CardSwipe field and swipe the credit/debit card. The payment information will pop up. Press on accept payment.

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