The Don’ts That Will Help You Sell On Facebook

Ever since people discovered that they could sell on Facebook, everybody has been rushing to post whatever they are selling on various groups and pages hoping that someone would buy. While some manage to reap millions in profit and accomplish to set up established enterprises that started with a Facebook page, others are not so lucky. In most cases, such sellers fail to win customers due to simple mistakes which include;

Selling counterfeit products

It is effortless for your business to crush on Facebook when you sell your customers the wrong products. That is because they will not hesitate a minute to give you a bad review or comment. It is essential to know that before anyone can buy from you, the first thing they look at is what other people who have had an experience with you are saying. With a bad reputation, no one can ever risk shopping from you unless they want counterfeit products which rare.


One mistake that many new Facebook sellers make is posting all the time intending to attract attention. What they don’t get is that they are communicating with real human beings. When you keep posting all the time, you will be preventing your connections from accessing other information because their timeline will be filled with your posts. Since it becomes a bother, the only option they have is to block you or your page so that your posts can no longer reach them. The right way to do it, however, is, to come up with a scheduled posting plan. That way, you will look organized, and you will not be tempted to posting every time.

Poor quality photos and videos

Failure to keep up with trending marketing strategies

Facebook marketing is changing rapidly. If you have been keen, then you have realized that in the past, most brands used to market their products using poster images on Facebook. Today, short videos and even the so-called MEMEs are taking over Facebook marketing, not forgetting gif images. If you fail to keep up with the trending advertising formats, then your competitors will have a better chance of dominating you. When it comes to creating video content for your Facebook page, don’t forget that people will be keen on the quality of the video first before wanting to grasp the message.

Being too basic

On Facebook, you can post anything from photos, plain captions, and even videos. As a smart entrepreneur, your marketing plan should include all these kinds of content. However, you will want to make sure that you take your time in content production. If you are not good at this, then you should know that several companies and professionals are experts when it comes to generating Facebook content that can entice people to shop from you.

One mistake that many Facebook sellers who fail to make the best out of the platform are that they fear to get creative. Some of them play safe because they don’t want to incur any further expenses in their marketing.

Being dormant or taking too long to post

One of the reasons why it is vital to prepare your Facebook posting schedule is because it will help you to avoid being dormant. The lesser the number of times your followers and connections see you online, the faster they forget about you. While it is good to have a plan, you should remember that you will be continually creating and looking for new content. One of the things that lead to dormancy on Facebook is lack of content. Also, know that to be more interactive, you may want to share posts shared by other pages that are relevant to your course. Never make the mistake of sharing your competitors’ post because you don’t want to redirect your possible customers.

Poor quality photos and videos

Nothing bores the Facebook community that a low-quality brand. Know that some of the most prominent players in the industry have made quite a strong statement when it comes to quality videos and photos. If you cannot invest in high-quality graphic design services or video adverts, then you are at a higher risk of performing dismally on Facebook. Today, people have learned to appreciate quality, and they will use the quality of your videos and photos to judge the quality of your products.

Reselling other people’s product

While it is said that you can begin selling on Facebook by being a reseller, the worst mistake you can do is reselling products that are already being marketed on Facebook for a commission. Firstly, you will want to charge a little bit higher than the original price. Don’t forget that before someone buys anything from Facebook, the first thing they usually do is look for the best price. Unless you have a different audience that trusts in your brand, it is impossible to convince someone to spend more on an item that they can get at a lower price.

Reselling other people’s product

Poor branding

New e-commerce entrepreneurs have a big problem when it comes to pushing their brands on Facebook. What they don’t know is that the fastest way to build your brand online is by doing it online. That is why when starting up your Facebook page, the first people you need to target are your friends, families, and other people around you. The kind of logo that you will use with your branding also contributes to your reputation. Also, it is good to have an excellent responsive website because serious customers will want to see more than a Facebook page and remember; every big brand has a website.


Simple things can make you miss business opportunities of your lifetime on Facebook. That is why, if you intend to sell using the platform, you need to be well prepared. It is not an easy job getting loyal customers on Facebook because of the high competition, and that is why some people decide to get experts on the job. It is also good to know that Facebook has other features that like sponsoring ads, which is the perfect tool for a serious seller. Read more